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The Limpopo Broadband Network Project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing reliable and efficient broadband telecommunication network infrastructure to the Limpopo Province. The project has completed a number of critical components including the architectural design and future state architecture for the rollout of broadband, the construction of a data centre, the establishment of a Network Operating Control Centre (NOCC) and Call Centre, and the connection of 56 sites to the network using both fibre and satellite technology. Additionally, Limpopo Connexion has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by making its call centre available to assist provincial SMMEs in accessing COVID-19 relief programs and has also made its state-of-the-art video conferencing facility available for virtual meetings. The project has also rolled out 142km of fibre in key areas of the province and has acquired state-of-the-art premises at 15 Biccard street to house all broadband-related facilities and personnel, including training and video conferencing. Furthermore, the project has a goal of expanding the coverage and availability of high-speed internet for more areas and institutions to bridge the digital divide and enable the community to access to more services and opportunities.

Broadband roll-out
Summary of Achievement
140km fibre self-build in towns, ± 550km fibre leased backhaul, 56 sites connected
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